Scientist Create Dress Made of Red Wine

If you've ever left an unfinished glass of red wine out for a few days, you might have noticed a thick layer that formed on the top of the liquid. This strangely separate layer that moves independent of the wine is known as fibrous cellulose. Although you may not have looked at this strange layer of wine skin and thought it would make a lovely dress, someone else did, and that very dress was created last week.

The Chemistry Behind the Fashion

Gary Cass, cofounder at Bioalloy in Australia, teamed up with contemporary artist Donna Franklin to create a material called Micro-be. The fermented material is made by introducing acetobacter, the bacteria that ferments wine and turns it to vinegar, into vats of wine. According to Cass, the fibrous cellulose that forms is chemically similar to cotton. "Therefore the Micro-be garments are made from microbial cotton. It is formed on the surface of the wine, almost as if the bacteria are trying to form a raft to flow on the wine," explained Cass.

Such a material cannot simply be sewn together, which makes it completely seamless and eco- friendly. To create the red wine dress, the Micro-be is draped over an inflatable mannequin and shrinks to fit. Since the material is so prone to breakage, the mannequin must be popped in order to remove it, and the person wearing it must put it on very carefully. The delicate fabric is made up of many fibers held together in short chain links, rather than in a unified sequence.

Micro-be Could Grow Outside the Fashion World

As if wine wasn't great enough already, Cass has begun research to determine how Micro- be can be used in medical engineering. The thick cellulose could be used for scaffold tissue construction if it were applied to the lower half of a wound and combined with stem cells. Cass explained that he hopes Micro-be and other wine-based materials like it start to become more popular. "Fermented fashion doesn't need to stay within the fashion world but can inspire new thoughts in many other disciplines, such as medicine, engineering, dentistry or architecture. All you have to do is let your imagination, creativity and ingenuity loose."

However, even the most fashion-forward individuals will have to wait their turn to get this revolutionary dress, as Cass still has a few major kinks to work out before it hits the sales rack.

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