Pinot Grigio or Pinot Gris?

It's easy to get confused when perusing the wine shelves for a white wine and being faced with the decision between a pinot grigio from Italy and pinot gris from France. These wines actually come from the same grape, and their translations mean exactly the same thing. Both translations, in their respective languages, mean "gray pine cone," which refers to how the blush-gray grape looks on the vine. The wines are both popular for their lightness, but taste quite different.

Pinot Grigio Crisper and Drier

Pinot grigio was developed near the Alps in Northern Italy in very cool conditions. Since the grape does not get as ripe as its French counterpart, the taste its crisp, lean, dry and light. It often has a citrus or mineral flavor, and about 12% ABV.

Pinot Gris Soft and Creamy

Developed in the warm Alsace region of France, the pinot gris has about 13% ABV. The grapes get riper, so the taste is rich, creamy and soft with notes of apricot and melon. Both wines are seldom oak-aged, so their taste is true to their grape. When choosing either a grigio or a gris, you are truly getting a taste for the grape's region.

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