Promising New Grape Variety Harvested

In 2006, the University of Minnesota patented a new grape variety called the Marquette. The Marquette grape makes a dry red wine, and combines impressive disease and temperature resistance to be a promising fruit. Dave and Sue Greenlee of Tucker's Walk Vineyard in South Dakota planted their crop of Marquettes in 2007, and will be selling their first batch soon.

Marquettes have a California Flavor

Marquette grapes are a cross between varieties from California and wild grapes, but tend to taste more like those from California. It has its own unique taste qualities that resemble spice and pepper. "We think it's somewhat similar to pinot noir, one of its parents," Dave Greenlee said.

A Strong and Delicious Grape Variety

Marquettes are relatively small, which makes them perfect for red wine sine they have a high skin-to-flesh ratio to contribute to the tannin. They are easy to grow and have withstood 36 degrees below zero in tests. The grape is high in sugar and has a hearty resistance to common grape diseases.

Marquettes are a unique grape and are gaining popularity throughout colder northern climates. Soon enough their wine will hit shelves and sales will be the true vote of confidence.

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