Wine Packaging Altered in the Face of Legal Trouble

Wine boxes are a new fad in wine packaging around the world. Not only are they portable, but the small, cardboard vessels are also more eco-friendly. They are biodegradable and don’t need to be recycled like their glass counterparts. However, their resemblance to kids juice boxes has been getting them into trouble lately. Specifically,"Mal Piet" wine from Cape Wine Works in South Africa was under fire for their colorful packaging that featured a smiling cartoon goat.

Mal Piet Packaging Called Irresponsible

This week, Western Cape Economic Development CEO Alan Winde claimed that the Mal Piet packaging was irresponsible for its clear appeal to children. "We want responsible liquor traders in the Western Cape, not this. This is not a responsible way of selling liquor," said Winde. "The way the marketing and packaging is done, it does not look like wine. It looks like a [soft drink] or kiddies' juice." He explained that any child walking by the wine at the grocery store would easily mistake it for a fruit juice that they could put in their lunchbox for school. Michael Kovensky, managing director at Cape Wine Works, originally explained that the packaging was intended for people out in the wilderness looking to enjoy wine, such as campers and game rangers. He went on to explain his belief that responsibility should be on the parents to ensure that these alcohol products, originally intended to target at adults, were not within the reach of young kids.

Packaging Altered to be More Mature

In response to the legal backlash, Mal Piet wine did alter their packaging to make the contents of the wine “juice box” more obvious. Kovensky said the new boxes, set to be released and on the shelves within the next four months, will feature a logo with a wine glass to make them less misleading. "I commend Kovensky for doing the right thing. In the coming months we will be vigorously monitoring other liquor outlets and distributors to ensure that they are operating responsibly," said Winde about the design change.

While wine vessels modeled after juice boxes are an eco-friendly way for wine enthusiasts to bring their drink virtually anywhere, manufacturers must be careful not to blur the line between cute packaging and packaging aimed at garnering the interest of children. Allowing children to be enthralled by exciting wine packaging is not only unethical, but it is also dangerous.

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