Not Tequila, but Wine Museum Opening in Mexico

If you heard that Mexico was opening a museum for a certain alcoholic beverage, you probably weren’t thinking of wine. While tequila has certainly been the drink for which Mexico is known, their wine regions also put out high quality product worth of recognition. The Baja California Vine and Wine Museum was just recently inaugurated by Mexican President, Felipe Calderon. Their Guadalupe Valley wine region also just received $3.8 million in funding. The hope is that this investment will bring more tourism to the area.

Baja California Wine and Wine Museum Shows off Mexico’s Finest Wines

Because the Guadalupe Valley produces over 90% of Mexico’s wine, it’s fitting for the museum to show off there. Other famous wine areas like, Santorini, Luxemburg, Paris, and Bordeaux, have their own wine museums. As with those, Mexico hopes to share its wine making history and see some growth in the industry in the process. The museum has interactive displays, a beautiful outdoor amphitheater, and plenty more with which to educate the public about their wines.

Perhaps the next big step in wine tasting and winery touring will be wine museum hopping. Although it would be expensive to fly around the world to see and taste the history of wine, it would also likely be a rich experience for wine lovers.

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