Red Wine Allergies Eliminated

Although there are millions of wine lovers around the world, unfortunately, many suffer from an allergy that makes them extremely intolerant to red wine. This wine allergy actually affects 30% of people. After drinking just 10 ml of red wine, they can experience a headache, stomach cramps, difficulty breathing, skin flushing, congestions, itching, and diarrhea. It is because of these symptoms that most end up avoiding the tempting drink altogether. Those with more mild symptoms though, will often tough out the headache to drink just one glass of the wine they love.

When wine ferments, the wine makers normally use a two-step yeast process. This, in combination with lactic acid bacteria, creates chemicals that induce allergies in some. These chemicals are helpful for wine makers because they stabilize the wine, but they are anything but helpful for those who react to them. It looks like now though, these red wine allergies may be a thing of the past.

Scientists Breed Anti-Allergen Yeast

At a British Columbia University, researchers modified Saccharomyces Cerevisae, also known as wine yeast by splicing a gene. They have taken that gene from a bacterium and introduced it into the yeast’s genome. This extra genetic information allows the yeast to turn malic acid into lactic acid. This time though, no allergy-causing chemicals are created in the process. This news is good for wine makers too, as it allows them to skip the second step in their traditional yeast process. This saves them both time and money when making either red wine or Chardonnay. It probably doesn’t hurt that more people will be able to safely enjoy their wines either, as that will mean increased profits.

Although the science sounds simple enough, it actually took them 15 years to accomplish. Not only did they have to map the genome of the bacterium and yeast involved, they then had to grow and evolve generation after generation of yeast until they got their ideal modified version. The yeast was an important breakthrough and is now used by both United States and Canadian wine producers, helping them to compete globally. The science team intends to map grape genomes next in order to assist in decisions on wine production varieties. For now though, it is obvious that science in combination with an art like wine growing makes for a better product that even more can enjoy.

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