Fine Wine gets Paired with Food Truck Cuisine

When you hit the city for some tasty street food, you don’t often see much other than water and soda paired with food truck meals. This is because street vendors normally focus on quick and affordable foods that people enjoy eating. The food truck trend though, has increased the number of gourmet street vendors that occupy city curbs, and one man wanted to up the quality in beverages to go with them by adding great wines.

Food Truck Festival Includes Gourmet Wine Pairings

Michael Kowitz, a wine seller who attended the Los Gatos Food Fest, interviewed each food truck participating in the event. Then, he set up gourmet wines alongside other beverage tent stands who offered only one simple red and one white. When people came to his booth, he found out what they were eating, and made suggestions based on the best possible pairings for their meal. Whether they were having tacos or fui gras on a stick, he had a wine for them to taste. His stand was a hit, and he hopes the idea will continue to spread, so everyday people buying food on the street can experience great wine as it’s meant to be enjoyed- with great food.

About Classe Wines

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