Would You Like Some Wine with Your Mushrooms?

Wine has long been paired with gourmet foods and fine dining experiences, but now, wine lovers and foodies alike can enjoy wine paired with fungi. That’s right, the Four Seasons in Vail, Colorado has created a very unique experience for a few lucky guests to take part in the learning about, gathering of, preparing, and eating of a fine dining meal that spotlights mushrooms. If you are a fan of wine and/or mushrooms, you might want to get online and see if you can reserve a spot for you and a loved one, as many are saying it is a worthwhile experience.

Mushroom Hunting and Wine Drinking

For $200 per person, you can get a spot in the Four Season mushroom excursion. Guests are taken in luxury vehicles to learn about finding mushrooms from a former University of Montana mycology professor. They learn about various edible species while they sip fine wine, and then go out looking for them. They are encouraged to bring back whatever they find, and then experts help them determine if what they found is edible or not. Ideally, they hope to find the coveted truffle mushroom. Once they’ve finished their haul and wine for the afternoon, they head back to the hotel, where they learn how to clean and prepare gourmet mushrooms. However, their four star meal is actually cooked by gourmet chefs who prepare them a fine dining experience.

Wine and Mushroom Hunting are Better with a Guide

Even though these guests learn a lot about mushrooms, they can still not be quite sure which mushrooms are safe to eat or not. With the Four Seasons excursion, not only do they get a mushroom foraging adventure that is safe, but they also get to experience the best wines to pair with the fungi and an amazing meal to top it all off. While they may not repeat the experience on their own due to safety concerns, they may consider it the next time they buy some mushrooms and wine at the grocery store. Even if you can’t afford the Four Seasons experience, some gourmet mushrooms and wine can still taste great when properly prepared in your own kitchen. Either way, the Vail Four Seasons hopes to attract more tourists to the area and to promote fine dining at the same time.

About Classe Wines

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