The Prize-Winning Wines of Moravia

Gewurztraminer is a word as indicative of great German wine as they come. This sweet aromatic white wine has been among the favorites of wine connoisseurs worldwide for centuries and often a favorite in the gastronomy industry for its excellent paring with Asian food and the spicy side altogether. Although the popular Germanic sounding offspring has been hailed in high regard within the borders of France, Austria and Germany, the origin is to be found further south in Tramin, Italy. However, this year at the San Francisco International Wine Competition, a more unlikely candidate took home the gold medal. A region of the world well known for the traditional brewing of beer, the Czech Republic has been long hailed as the origin of the Pilsner, a more popular and easy going version of the German lager. However, this year it’s the wine of Moravia that takes the lead in awards. The winery, Vinarstvi libal, having just last year received high marks and awards for their Sauvignon Blanc makes another big splash in 2012 with their Gewurztraminer winning out big. Moravian wine it would seem is having a field day in various international competitions, taking home awards in Brussels, France, Portugal, America, and Germany.

Prize-Winning Wine? Czech.

The Czech Republic prides itself in Czech made goods, and although part of the European Union, the Czech Republic continues to stand on its own currency, making their goods affordable to tourists. The tourism in southern Moravia, where most of the Czech wine is found is becoming more and more popular with each season. With the release of each new vintage, the industry solidifies itself among the world’s premiere wine makers.

Discover Moravian Wine

The tradition of Moravian wine dates all the way back to the second century, so it’s no wonder that the genealogy has led to its current success. The 2012 season appears to be the threshold of this exciting new/old comer. The wine industry in the Czech Republic is growing rapidly and the demand for the quality is reaching new heights. The time to get in on the ground level of their success and enjoy some of the most highly regarded wine in the world is now. If you’re planning that summer trip through Europe and intend to stop in the popular Czech city of Prague, consider directing your journey a little further into the hills of Moravia and take a tour of some of the most successful wineries in the business.

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