This Year’s Harvest Already Considered a Classic in Napa Valley

As the harvest season approaches for vineyards across California, vintners all over the state wait with baited breath to find out if their months of dedication and hard work will pay off with a delicious batch of wines for the year. While they can work hard to protect the grapes and grow them to the ideal size, there are some unpredictable variables that affect every season’s harvest, and the only way to find out how the grapes turned out is to taste the wine. While other seasons have been unpredictable overall, Napa Valley winemakers are already calling this year’s harvest “epic.”

Conditions Were Perfect in Napa This Year

Many winemakers in Napa are proclaiming this one of the most balanced crops ever. Mother Nature was particularly kind to the winemakers in California this year, and many are already calling this season’s batch of wines a classic. Conditions were simply perfect for the grapes. Many days were hot and dry with temperatures exceeding 80 degrees Fahrenheit but staying below 100. Most nights, the temperature dropped to the 40’s, which gave the vines a chance to recharge and freshen the grapes. Winemaker Cameron Perry from Chateau Montelena explained that the unstable temperatures of the season also had something to do with the wine’s exceptional quality this year. Many weeks alternated so that a hot week was always followed by a cold week, and the sudden onset of spring allowed all varieties to reach their full potential.

Napa Valley Relies on Mediterranean Temperatures

The reason this season was so ideal for the fine wines in Napa Valley is that it was perfectly representative of the weather the famous viticultural region is known for. It is considered the premier region for wine in the world, and its excellence can be attributed to the various mesoclimates that benefit wine grapes of almost every variety. Especially if you are a fan of California Merlot, Cabernet and Chardonnay, don’t skip out on the 2012 harvest, as it could be one of the best in history.

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