“Boardwalk Empire” Wine Hits Shelves

If you own a TV or are connected with popular culture in the slightest, you’ve probably heard of HBO’s new hit series called “Boardwalk Empire.” The show is about Atlantic City in the Prohibition era when there was a national ban on the production and sales of alcohol in the United States. Clearly, the show is centered on alcohol, so it’s fitting that a new wine has been created and named after the critically acclaimed series.

The Wine is Available for a Limited Time

For now, Nucky’s Boardwalk Red and Nucky’s Speak Easy Reserve are only available temporarily at a shop right on the boardwalk in Atlantic City. If you’re a fan of the show, keep your fingers crossed that the popularity of these wines will skyrocket and the wines might just be nationally distributed someday. Until then, the Boardwalk Empire varieties are only at a shop called A Time For Wine II in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

The concept of a wine based on a show might be a little kitschy, but it creates an interest in wine for people that aren’t necessarily wine-lovers, which is undeniably great for the industry as a whole.

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