Argentina’s Wine Industry Bears a Heavy Burden

Many of us look for products with the fair trade logo to ensure a clear conscious. While these products might be slightly more expensive, the premium price is merely a number when you consider the positive impact such purchases can have on the environment and global society. If you’ve ever purchased a bottle of fair trade wine, you might not have thought about what makes it such. By looking into the fair trade wine industry of Argentina, you can see exactly whom your purchase might affect and what an impact it has on the country’s economy.

Contract Workers Fuel the Success of Fair Trade Argentinian Wine

In Argentina, there is a non-profit group of wine companies called Viñasol. Instead of operating in the same way as the countless large-scale commercial grape farms in the country, Viñasol protects small farms that hire contract workers who desperately need to provide for their families. These workers are put in charge of specific duties around the vineyard, and they then receive a percentage of the income after the harvest. Each worker will also have a say in how the vineyard is operated. Argentina is famous for its French-imported Malbec vineyards. The contract workers are able to live on the vineyard for free with their families, and many of the vineyards also offer support and education for the children of the workers. Since these wines can be sold as fair trade products, the price can be increased, which helps the vineyard and its workers survive.

Argentinian Wine Industry is Struggling

The wine industry in Argentina is struggling to survive, but not because of poor crops or a lack of interest in the local Malbec. Instead, their struggle is almost self-imposed. The new president has instituted new policies to restrict trade in order to protect domestic industry from foreign issues. However, it has broken the wine industry’s stride, whose lifeblood was exporting Argentinean wine all over the world. Over the past ten years, Argentina has accounted for 45% of the world’s Malbec.

With the recent changes in trade policy, Argentina’s wine industry is struggling to compete, and contract workers especially are getting nervous. Without the option of working for Viñasol, they have little else to rely on and their families could suffer. Next time you are perusing the aisles for a red wine to pair with dinner, think about what the fair trade logo really means.

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