It’s no secret that the weather was particularly bad this past year for winemakers in Europe. From France to Spain and everywhere in between, heavy rains and abnormal temperatures put a significant damper on the wine harvest. Until recently, their complaints have been loosely based on the potential for decreased production, but experts say the shortage will be significant.

Shortage will Affect Sales for Years to Come

The shortage is significant. Research shows that the shortfall will equal at least 264 million gallons of wine, or more than one billion standard bottles. Unfortunately, the bad luck won’t only affect wine sales this year. Instead, it could prompt wine drinkers to turn to other beverages such as beer, so the demand could be decreased for next year’s harvest. The fine wine will also be more expensive since there was less to go around.

If you’re a Bordeaux or Chianti lover, don’t let the shortage affect your buying habits or consumption. Continue buying your favorite European wine so that you can contribute to next year’s harvest demand. As long as the weather is better, the next harvest can be profitable for the vineyards and production can continue as normal in the future.