Wine is an excellent alcohol alternative for people with celiac disease because it is naturally gluten-free. People with gluten limitations can drink wine instead of beer. However, concern has recently been raised over whether or not the wheat-glue used to seal traditional barrels contaminates the wine with gluten. Luckily, self-proclaimed Gluten-Free Watchdog Tricia Thompson has performed rigorous testing and determined that it has not.

Gluten Contamination is Negligible

Even when wine barrels have been sealed with wheat-glue, the gluten is not present in the wine. Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot spend the most time in oak barrels, and even these were not contaminated. Not enough glue is used to make a difference, and many wineries don’t even use oak barrels anymore.

If you’re still concerned, you could consider contacting the winery directly to find out whether or not their barrels are sealed with wheat-paste. Also, remember that anything in the United States that is marked as “gluten-free” cannot have come into contact with gluten, so trust the wine labels that claim this. If you’re avoiding gluten, you’re probably tired of giving things up, but rest assured that you don’t necessarily have to give up your favorite oak-aged Merlot or Cabernet.