Many companies make special offerings in honor of breast cancer awareness month. For the entire month of October, major corporations like the NFL and Wal-Mart feature exclusive pink offerings to raise money for the cause. Many wineries donate some of their profits to breast cancer, but Sutter Home takes it one step further and actually brands their pink wine especially for breast cancer awareness in October.

The Program was Launched in Honor of a Sutter Home Founder

Sutter Home does not offer pink wine for breast cancer awareness as a publicity stunt. Instead, the Sutter Home for Hope program was launched in 2001 when founder Vera Trinchero Torres was diagnosed. The program runs from October through the end of the year and donates $1 of every wine sale to breast cancer research, education, and treatment. Since the program was started in 2001, Sutter Home has raised $800,000 for breast cancer research, and their goal is to raise a total of $1,000,000.

New Pink Varieties Added This Year for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Appropriately, the White Zinfandel is Sutter Home’s most popular offering, and it’s already pink. This year the winery will be adding a Pink Moscato, a Bubbly Moscato, and Pink Bubbly Moscato in honor of the cause. Each is a different take on the vineyard’s traditional Moscato, which was introduced over fifty years ago. Sutter Home is a perfect advocate for the cause, because they’re doing especially well in the wine industry. The industry is unfortunately slowing down in recent months, but Sutter Home is growing at a rate 13% faster. Male and female wine lovers alike in the United States are familiar with the brand, so they don’t need to do much additional advertising for the Sutter Home for Hope Program every year. Even with their usual numbers, they’re making strides in breast cancer donations.

Donating to a cause as important as breast cancer feels good no matter what, and enjoying a bottle of Zinfandel or Moscato afterwards feels even better. Sutter Home’s commitment to breast cancer awareness is outstanding. While breast cancer awareness month is starting to become a charitable fad in recent years, Sutter Home was one of the first companies to start donating profits to the cause in 2001. Founder Vera Trinchero Torres beat her breast cancer, and her charity efforts at the vineyard are aimed at helping others in her situation do the same.