Sweet wines are nothing new, as varieties like port deliver a sweeter flavor and have been around for centuries. However, a fairly new trend of dessert wines has been gaining popularity over the last decade, and flavors like chocolate and whipped cream have been gaining shelf space. Some wine connoisseurs stay far away from such frilly varieties, but casual drinkers are often allured by the fun pairing potential. However, a new study shows that the popularity of such wine is waning.

Chocolate Wine Sales Dropping Significantly

Many experts were surprised at how fast chocolate flavored wine was growing as a category, but the bubble popped this year and sales went down 13%. Specifically, the drop can be traced back to bad sales for the most popular variety in the category, Chocovine Dutch Chocolate wine. They suffered a 35% decrease in sales from last year.

When it comes to chocolate wine sales, trends are regional. These dessert wines were first popular in the Midwest and the South, and they gained a lot of momentum in those regions. However, these fans have turned their backs, and now the variety is picking up speed in some western states such as California and Arizona.