The country of Chile has a healthy and well-respected wine region. Vineyards there are most well known for their red wines, specifically Cabernet Sauvignon. Much of the soil there is perfect for that specific type of grape, and the wine comes out tasting fresh with a high level of terroir. However, some experts are surmising that Chile’s next big wine craze will be Cabernet Franc. Also a red wine, certain conditions in the country are ideal for the grapes, and its popularity might be a welcome break from the wines the country is so well known for.

Pumanque Region Perfect for Cabernet Franc Grapes

Specifically, experts agree that the best area in Chile for Cabernet Franc wine grapes is Pumanque. The area is milder and slightly cooler than other regions in Chile, and its soil is slightly less rich. Such conditions are perfect for Cabernet Franc. The conditions will make it concentrated and especially aromatic. Santa Rita’s 120 brand of wine tested the hypothesis by growing Cabernet Franc grapes in the region and comparing the wine with other varieties of the same age. The results clearly showed that the Cabernet Franc tasted the best when all wine varieties were the same otherwise.

Cabernet Franc Grapes Are Hearty

The grapes needed to make Cabernet Franc wine are relatively hearty, and they survive in many different wine regions around the world. They were originally grown in France, but they have achieved a DO status in Chile. DO is a classification for Spanish wine that means the grapes can officially be grown in the country. While Cabernet Franc grapes make the wine in its purest form, blending Cabernet Sauvignon grapes and Merlot grapes can also create the variety.