Wine → NV Grand Cru Champagne - Eric Rodez (Ambonnay, France) 50% Chardonnay and 50% Pinot Noir Cuvee des Crayeres
NV Grand Cru Champagne - Eric Rodez (Ambonnay) Cuvee des Crayeres
NV Grand Cru Champagne - Eric Rodez (Ambonnay) Cuvee des Crayeres

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NV Grand Cru Champagne - Eric Rodez (Ambonnay, France) 50% Chardonnay and 50% Pinot Noir Cuvee des Crayeres

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NV Champagne Eric Rodez (Ambonnay) Cuvee des Crayeres

Eric Rodez makes Champagne in Ambonnay, a picturesque Provencal town built over a Gallo - Roman villa, complete with a Templar-built church. The Rodez family has been producing Champagne at this location for eight generations, a period of over three centuries. The Rodez famliy’s holdings grew larger over time and now nurture 60 different wines vinified separately to develop their individual character. No chemical fertilizers or weed killers are used on the south/southeastern facing slopes of the Domaine, which are composed of chalky soil with a clay and limestone surface layer, 130 meters above sea level and protected from frost. Eric is more than a winemaker; he is the mayor of this intriguing town.

Mr. Rodez refined his skill at the firms of Domaine Rapet Pere & Fils and with the well known Henri Krug. While Eric’s vineyard is not certified as organic, he plows his own soil and limits his yields through pruning, and does not use pesticides, or synthetic products on his plants. Eric has focused on organic and biodynamic viticulture since 1989, and is passionate about blending, putting to use techniques he learned as Assistant Winemaker at Krug and in Burgundy on his estate, as well as using his own inspiration, experience and passion. He blends up to 10 different vintages in his cuvees and compares the process to the creation of music. 80% of Mr. Rodez’s vintage is aged in oak. He uses both malo-lactic and non malo-lactic fermentation processes to achieve his unique balances.

Champagne Cuvee des Crayeres is a rich and vinous blend and a tremendous value. This fine Champagne is designated Appelation AOC Champagne, and comes from a “Grand Cru” village, a village having one of the 17 highest coveted ratings in the Champagne region. This rating is based on the soil and subsoil quality and composition as well as the climate. Champagne Cuvee de Crayeres Brut is composed of 50% Chardonnay and 50% Pinot Noir, which gives it the delicate floral notes and elegance of Chardonnay balanced with the more mineral earthiness , body, and structure of the Pinot Noir. Its complex blend of harvest and stored wines enables the quality of the product to be consistent. The blend is made up of reserve wine from different vintages with the addition of 25% barrel fermented and aged wines, and contains 12% alcohol. Up to 45% reserve wines are used in the blend. There is a spicy edge to the cherry, citrus and red currant flavors. Its acididty is medium, its nose is floral, and the palate balanced, with a hint of brioche due to oak.

This versatile wine, golden in color, has been paired successfully with chilled shellfish or salmon, and successfully with goat and other cheeses. Try it with St. Andre or Camembert, with a cheese fondue or with mushroom based hors d’oeuvres or cocktail shrimp. If you want to be traditional, try serving it with a fine Pate de Fois Gras accompanied by some elegant crisp toast rondelles. While refined enough to please experts, it is delicious and fruity enough for entertaining more informal gatherings.