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There’s no doubt that this particular grape gained much popularity through the ’varietal revolution’ and has made high-class grapes shiver with fear when compared to the gracious Chardonnay. Many winemakers cultivate Chardonnay grapes largely as compared to any other white wine grapes. While its origin may be from France, Chardonnay has been widely grown in Italy, New Zealand, the U.S., Australia and South Africa. This page contains the various stocks of the finest bottles of Chardonnay and when you buy Chardonnay, Classe Wines is the place to be.

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Chardonnay as a grape tends to rapidly lose acidity as it ripens. This is particularly important for winemakers and growers, who live in warmer climates, to not only keep an eye out for the sugar content, but watch the acidity as well. The remarkable nature of Chardonnay can quite easily be turned dull and clumsy if the balance of acidity is not maintained.

Wines that are made from the wine grapes of Chardonnay are known to be exceptionally diverse of flavors and aromas. The aromas that are typically discovered in Chardonnay are those of toast or creamery butter, apart from that, many tropical fruits have also been discovered, which include banana, guava and pineapple. The flavors that are associated with Chardonnay come from a range of marzipan, creamy apples, peaches, mangos and roasted nuts. In recent years this white wine grape has become popular among those who grow it and those who buy Chardonnay.

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It’s even quite surprising to know that many wine drinkers are unfamiliar with the smell and taste of the natural varietal of Chardonnay. When you buy Chardonnay, you notice a rather subdued characteristic of primary fruits that lead to its crisp fruitiness of pears, lemons and apples; however, you may find that when you buy Chardonnay, it can be a host to completely powerful characteristics such as vanilla, butter and oak. Despite of what seems like the apposite style for Chardonnay, this particular varietal continues to dominate planting in various vineyards all over the globe.

Chardonnay Wines

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When you will buy our Chardonnay you'll realize that you'll have an amazing diverse assortment of flavors to choose from, each varying according to the cultivation of the grape. If you leave Chardonnay on its lees, this white wine grape has the ability to achieve more finesse and will mature much better compared to other aged wines. A traditional method of aging Chardonnay is in oak, those that are not aged in this manner will be marked with "Unwooded" or "Unoaked".

Chardonnay is considered as the "Queen bee" of white wines, because of its versatile nature it can be grown almost anywhere. Its ability to adapt too many different forms of soil has become popular amongst winemakers and those that buy Chardonnay. The best place to find Chardonnay brimming at its peak is on the slopes of Bourgogne.

Its ability to adapt to various climates has made this white wine grape immensely popular. With its deeply crisp, flavorful and well breathed taste, when you buy Chardonnay you’ll realize why its so popular, not only will it enhances your senses, but will provide you with the most exotic tropical flavors you could have ever tasted.

Choose from our finest collection of Chardonnay, here are just a few to give you an idea if you’re going to buy Chardonnay:

  • 2007 Chassagne-Montrachet Marie Bernard (Domaine Marc Morey) 1er Cru - En Virondot - An invigorating persona of freshly produced white wine from Chassagne-Montrachet, France
  • 2007 Albert Grivault, 100% Chardonnay, Clos Des Perrieres, 1er Cru - This amazing splendor of white wine comes from Meursault, France
  • 2000 Domaine Barat Chablis 1er Cru - "Les Fourneaux" - 100% Chardonnay - This intoxicating well-aged white wine is brought to you from the golden slopes of Chablis, France.